Six Effective Natural Cures For Uric Acid

Uric AcidHigh uric acid levels in the body primarily lead to instances like gout. This condition is pretty painful and what is worse is that most have no idea about their uric acid levels. There can be a number of reasons for the high uric acid content in the blood. The kidneys might not be functioning properly, thereby failing to eliminate the extra uric acid from the body.

Other factors leading to high uric acid may include obesity, high consumption of alcohol or caffeine, hereditary history or even an under active thyroid gland.

Effective Natural Cures For Uric Acid

Uric acid is good for the body if it remains within its healthy limits. There are a number of natural remedies for bringing down the uric acid content in the body. In this article we have compiled some such top natural way outs for high uric acid.

Remain Hydrated

There is no solution as potent for reducing uric acid levels in the body as water. The water in the body help the kidneys flush out the excess uric acid.

Drink enough water

It also prevents the formation of uric acid crystals in the blood. If you suffer from high uric acid levels in your blood, drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day to get maximum benefit of it.

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic

For lessening the uric acid level in the body, it is important to regulate the blood pH levels. Apple cider vinegar can be very helpful for this purpose. Add raw apple cider vinegar to water and drink this 2-3 times daily.

Lemony Remedy

Lemon juice has too many health benefits. In this case, the high vitamin C content in lemon helps to dissolve the excessive uric acid in the blood.

lemon juice

It brings about effective urinary excretion which brings down the uric acid levels in the blood. Just squeeze out fresh lemon juice in a glass of water and drink it twice a day. Follow this regularly for quicker relief.

Baking Soda Solution

Mix a little baking soda to water and drink this solution around 7-8 times a day. Baking soda is helpful in dissolving the uric acid crystals that form due to high uric acid levels. Also, it increases the solubility of uric acid, thereby bringing down the level of this acid in the body. A word of caution for the ones suffering from high blood pressure – baking soda is high on sodium, so you must take controlled amounts of this remedy.

Cherry Goodness

These cheerful fruits can be a source of cheer for your uric acid levels too. Though mostly used for treating symptoms of gout, it is also equally effective in lowering one’s uric acid levels.


It has powerful antioxidant properties along with anti inflammatory properties. Make it a point to eat at least 30-40 cherries a day for best results.

Try the Herbal Way Outs

There are a number of good herbal remedies for controlling the level of uric acid in the blood. The primary one is Devil’s Claw which substantially reduces the levels of uric acid in the body. Take it regularly until the symptoms are completely gone. Other effective herbs include alfalfa, celery seeds and burdoch.

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