St.Botanica Breast Serum And Pueraria Mirifica Breast Enlargement Supplements For Firming


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Breast Pill is one of the easiest natural care and nutritional solution for enhancing, firming, and toning up sagging breasts. Its matchless breast enlargement formula is completely natural and free of any side effects. Within a few months you would experience visible and extraordinary results regardless of your age, size, or race.

Best Features of Breast Pills

This herbal medicine is bestowed with a range of extremely significant benefits such as:

It Enhances bosom size from 1 to 3 cup size within a very short period

Significant increase in the firmness of the breasts and cleavage

Promotes smoothness of the breast skin which leaves you with a much coveted youthful look

It would provide an enduring result of breast enhancement and also firm breast

The phytoestrogens influence the development of breast tissues

Healthy growth of hair and skin

Growth of the glandular tissues are stimulated

The cleavage and shape of the bust contour is rejuvenated and enhanced

Collagen level is maintained

It also influences the growth and development of the mammary tissues

It also takes care of the nutritional requirements of breasts

Breast serum is an unmatched female-specific product. It is considered to be the product for firming saggy and loose breast. Among all the breast enhancement herbal products, breast serum is the most widely used topical product. This product is capable of making the bust line more fuller and rounded. It provides the breast with greater volume and tightness. Being herbal and natural, this product is safe even if it is used on a regular basis.

Breast serum contains liposomes in greater amount. Liposomes possess a unique property of progressively toning up and improving the tissues the breast by penetrating into the skin. This helps in making the bust line more attractive. The main ingredient of this product is Pueraria mirifica.This herb is effective in balancing the pH. It is made up of potent herbs and used topically. Breast serum is a natural product for beauty treatment responsible for firming, strengthening and adding to the volume of breast.


Breast Serum is formulated with the pure extracts of

Pueraria Mirifica

Tropical herbs

Breast Serum : Direction of Use: Firm Breasts

Breast serum is used in small quantities, twice a day. It is applied on the breast area and gently massage for 3-5 minutes, until it is fully absorbed. Serum is applied at 3 spots on the breast, one spot on the top middle area, the other 2 spots at the base area on left and right side, avoiding the nipple region. The massage method recommended for the breast region is mentioned below –

Left Breast Massage

– Right hand is positioned below the armpit, at the level of the breast, with hand gently drawn inwards towards the center of the body

– Left hand is positioned at the side of the breast, so that the thumb points outwards and fingers points downwards, pushing in from the side to the center of the body

– Move the right hand slightly down, towards the center of the body,then using the left hand, draw the breast from side and the base, massaging in a clockwise motion

Right Breast Massage

– Position the left hand below the armpit, at the same level of the breast and gently draw the hand inwards to the center of the body.

– Position the right hand on the side of the Initial Symptoms reast, with thumb pointing outwards and fingers pointing downwards, pushing in from the side to the center of the body.

– Move the left hand towards the center of the body and then use the right hand to draw the breast from the side and base and massage in a clockwise direction

Breast Pills work in the following way to bring about the structural change in female breasts

It promotes the development of mammary tissues

It helps in increasing branching of milk ducts. These ducts form the clusters of lobules which are responsible for the fullness of breasts

These capsules augment the production of fatty tissues and strengthen ligaments which are essential in shaping up the breasts perfectly

They also bring about necessary suppleness to breast skin which restores the uplifted youthful look to your breasts

It maintains nutritional needs and hormonal balance of breasts which bestow you with an ever-lasting full and firm beautiful pair of bosoms

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