St.Botanica Nano Breast Firming Serum – Firming and Uplifting


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Nano Breast Serum is an outstanding herbal remedy for drooping and saggy breasts. A proven remedy for enlarging small breasts, the effectiveness of the herbal breast augmentation product has been boosted significantly with the help of nanotechnology. Nano Breast Serum is a unique herbal formulation containing phytoestrogen rich herb Pueraria Mirifica and hydrating components such as vitamins B3 and E and witch hazel that apart from nourishing the breast tissues stimulate collagen synthesis, thereby making the bustline firm and tight. Nano Breast Serum is recommended for the following conditions:

  • Small or underdeveloped breasts
  • Sagging breasts
  • Drooping breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Loss in breast volume following weight loss
  • Wrinkled breasts

While the efficacy of herbal extracts can be easily proved in in-vitro studies, delivering the components to the deepest layers of tissues is a major challenge for researchers. Nanotechnology has provided an easy solution to the problem by using nano carriers as delivery agents. Hence, topical products such as Nano Breast Serum that use nano-structured carriers are more effective than creams or serum that uses the standard lipid carriers for delivering the content. Through regular application of Nano Breast Serum, your breast will become firmer and fuller within a short time.

How to Use

Take a small amount of Nano Breast Serum and with gentle circular strokes of the finger tips spread it all over the breast. Gently massage the breast for about a minute so that the serum is fully absorbed in the skin.


The benefits of regular use of Nano Breast Serum include:
  • Helps in stimulating growth and development of mammary and fatty tissues
  • Helps in breast augmentation
  • Adds volume to the breasts
  • Helps in making the breasts firmer and fuller
  • Helps in lifting the bustline
  • Helps in nourishing the breast tissues and improving blood circulation
  • Helps in restoring breast volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss
  • Maintains breast health
effectofphytoestrogen1 The aforementioned benefits of Nano Breast Serum are primarily attributed to the estrogenic properties of the phytoestrogen constituents of Pueraria Mirifica extract. The female hormone estrogen induces growth and development of the mammary tissues. When there is insufficient estrogen to stimulate production of mammary tissues, the breasts will fail to attain their desired size. Several factors such as genes, poor nutrition and lifestyle apart from hormonal deficiency affect development of breasts at puberty. Sagging breasts in older women is also linked to reduced estrogen secretion. effect1 Plant products that mimic human estrogen are considered as an alternative to human estrogen. When you massage your breasts with Nano Breast Serum, the nano carriers in the product deliver the herbal compounds to the breast tissues where the phytoestrogens get latched to the estrogen receptors in the breast tissues. As a result, estrogenic activity in the breast rises, stimulating growth of mammary tissues. Maintaining the bustline is a challenge for every woman. Breasts tend to droop with age. The effect of gravity, hormone fluctuations and aging cannot be avoided. effect2 Loss of adipose tissues, heightened activities of free radicals and wear and tear of the connective tissues damage the support system of the breast. The principal constituents of Pueraria Mirifica enhance the volume of the breast by stimulating development of fatty tissues. It also boasts of antioxidant property that protects the breast tissues from free radicals, thereby slowing down the aging process. Vitamin E further reinforces the antioxidant property of Nano Breast Serum. Vitamin B3 helps in estrogen synthesis while witch hazel extract helps in improving the elasticity of the skin, making the breasts tighter and smoother.


St. Botanica Nano Breast serum contains various herbs that are essential for the growth of breast cells and for the proper nourishment of the skin. Here are some of its main ingredients that are essential for the healthy breast development.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract: This herb is very popular for the healthy development of breasts. It contains phyto estrogens that help to activate the process of collagen synthesis which eventually leads to the growth of breast cells.

This herb is widely used in breast enlargement and breast firming products. It has anti-aging properties as well and supports to reduce the aging effects on skin. It contains various essential nutrients from the plant which help to form supple, soft and firm breasts.

It also acts as an anti-wrinkle agent and helps to remove stretch marks on the breasts. The herb helps to increase the blood circulation in the breasts which is essential to maintain healthy skin. With increased blood circulation in the breasts, it will be easier to enrich the growth of breast cells with essential nutrients.

In fact, in several scientific studies it has been found that this herb can increase the breast size in woman by nearly 80%. (Estrogenic activity of the dichloromethane extract from Pueraria mirifica. Sookvanichsilp N, Soonthornchareonnon N, Boonleang C. Fitoterapia. 2008 Dec;79(7-8):509-14. Epub 2008 Jun 22.

PMID: 18621111).

Pro Vitamin B5: This vitamin is helpful for providing proper nourishment to the skin. It has a soothing effect on the skin and helps to rejuvenate the skin in addition to promoting quick healing from wounds and infections.

Pro Vitamin B5 also contains aphrodisiac properties as found in some researches. It helps to moisturize the skin and restore its natural glow. Along with adding suppleness to the skin on the breast, it also helps to protect the breast tissues from any damage caused by external effects. So, along with improving the texture of the skin it also helps to provide protection from inside.


(Protective effects of a cream containing Dead Sea minerals against UVB-induced stress in human skin. Portugal-Cohen M, Soroka Y, Ma’or Z, Oron M, Zioni T, Brégégère FM, Neuman R, Kohen R, Milner Y. Exp Dermatol. 2009 Sep;18(9):781-8. Epub 2009 Mar 23. PMID: 19469888).

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is known for its antiseptic properties. It helps to protect the skin from the harsh effects of the sun and is widely used in various massage oils to provide healthy skin. This oil also helps to increase the blood circulation which is required for the effective transportation of the nutrients to the required parts of the body. Lavender oil helps to protect the skin and is powered with various essential nutrients that also help to enhance breasts and provide firmness to the skin.

(Biological activities of lavender essential oil. Cavanagh HM, Wilkinson JM. Phytother Res. 2002 Jun;16(4):301-8. Review. PMID: 12112282).


Helps to Restore Lost Firmness:

St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum helps you to get back the firmness of your breasts in a natural way. Firmer breasts boost your confidence and enhance your appearance. St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum has been tested and proved as an effective breast care solution which helps to restore the original shape of the breasts.

Whatever may be the reason behind your sagging breasts, St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum is the ultimate solution for all your breast care needs. It helps to repair the breast cells and tighten the breast tissues to provide firmness to your breasts. This serum is a blend of natural herbs that don’t show any side effects and are completely safe to use.

Helps to Rejuvenate the Breast Cells:

St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum is a breast firming solution that nourishes the breast cells internally. This serum deeply penetrates into the skin after application and supplies nutrients that are essential for the growth of breast cells. After receiving these nutrients the breast cells become active and the process of multiplication and division of the cells is enhanced.


St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum is a breast care formula which helps to restore and rejuvenate damaged breast cells and tissues. Its main ingredient is Pueraria Mirifica which supports the breast rejuvenation process by providing essential nutrients to it.

Helps to Activate the Collagen Synthesis Process:

The collagen synthesis process is the main channel through which breast enlargement or firmness is initiated. St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum is packed with essential ingredients that help to activate this process, thus initiating the process of breast firming and enlargement.

St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum helps to quicken the process of fat deposition in the breasts. The fat which gets deposited on your breasts should be properly positioned because irregular deposition leads to sagging breasts. This task is done with the help of various tropical herbs present in St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum.

Powered with Anti Oxidants:

Antioxidants are essential to get rid of free radicals that inhibit healthy skin growth. Free radicals show effects of ageing on the skin which causes wrinkles and makes you look older. St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum contains anti oxidants that help to remove free radicals from the body.

So, in this way you get tighter skin which increases the firmness of your breasts and also helps to uplift them. These antioxidants help to provide the necessary nourishment to the skin which in turn is helpful to achieve well rounded breasts.

Helps to Stimulate Estrogen

St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum acts as a stimulator for the estrogen hormone, and increases its activeness in the body. With the aid of highly active estrogens, breast cells are able to develop faster and provide the firmness to the skin.

The intake of phyto estrogens helps to initiate the growth of breast cells naturally which in turn is helpful to get fuller and voluminous breasts. St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum contains phyto estrogens which are excellent sources of nanosomes.

Nanosomes are the components that help in the effective transportation of nutrients in the body. Sometimes insufficient means of transportation leads to these nutrients not reaching the required areas in the body. This may also be a significant reason for poorly developed breasts.

St. Botanica Nano Breast Serum contains these nanosomes in sufficient amounts and helps in the transportation of essential nutrients to the required areas. Thus, all the nutrients that are required in a particular part of the body (the breasts in this case) are transported with the help of this serum and you get positive results within a short time.