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Breast Capsules enriched with Pueraria Mirifica extract helps to make the breasts fuller and firmer. While breast sagging is a normal part of the aging process, accelerated by the effect of gravity on the mammary glands, remedies are available in nature in the form of phytoestrogen rich herbs that help to lift the bustline. Breast Capsules, apart from restoring the size and shape of the breasts, also help in enlarging the bosom. Women with underdeveloped or small breasts can immensely benefit by taking the Pueraria Mirifica capsules daily.

Breast Capsules is recommended for women with

  • Saggy and drooping breasts
  • Small or underdeveloped breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts

Breast Capsule is a proven herbal breast augmentation product that has helped a huge number of women to attain their desired bustline. The well-researched formula is free from any adverse side effect. Hence, is completely safe for long-term use. By taking the capsules, according to instruction, your breasts will become more voluminous and firm. It is a superb and cost effective natural breast augmentation solution. Without spending on expensive breast enlargement surgeries, you will get a fuller and attractive bustline naturally simply by taking Breast Capsules daily.

How to Use

You can take up to 4 Breast Capsules daily, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. For best results take the capsules with milk or a calcium supplement.


The benefits of taking Breast Capsules include:
  • Helps in lifting the bustline
  • Helps in making the breasts firm
  • Adds volume to the breasts
  • Helps to tone the breasts
  • Helps in preventing sagging and wrinkling due to age
  • Helps to restore the shape and size of the breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss
  • Helps to tighten, smoothen and hydrate the breast skin
  • Helps to improve breast health

The appearance and health of the breasts depend on the estrogen level in the breast tissues. Deficiency of estrogen during puberty inhibits development of breasts. Even genes and lifestyle affect the breast development process. Women with small breasts often suffer from low self esteem. The poorly developed breasts may even affect the quality of your life, leading to relationship problems and mental stress. Fortunately, you can augment your bustline any time in your adult life with the help of Breast Capsules. The phytoestrogens present in the formula mimic human estrogen, triggering growth and development of the mammary and fatty tissues in the breasts. Regular intake of the capsules increases the volume of the breasts, making them rounder and firmer.


While beautifully shaped breasts are the dream of every woman, with age the breasts start losing their firmness. Breast sagging is a natural outcome of the aging process. Hormonal fluctuations play havoc with the breast tissues, making them limper. Changes in body weight also affect the fat tissue content of your breasts. Women who lose weight rapidly are often embarrassed by their drooping bustline. Loss of skin elasticity also makes the breasts sag. Breast Capsules contain all those natural ingredients that help to strengthen the structures that support the breasts. They help in lifting and maintaining the bustline.


The main ingredient used in this capsule is Pueraria Mirifica. This herb is responsible for the overall development and care of breast cells. It helps in rejuvenating the breasts by providing the phyto estrogen which is responsible for enhancing the female characteristics. All the female traits are controlled by this hormone and by using the supplements rich in estrogen, all these traits get their nutrition. Some other tropical herbs are also used in these capsules as well. It contains Provitamin B5, Piper Chaba Hunt, Zingiber Officinale etc.

( Okamura S, Sawada Y, Satoh T, Sakamoto H, Saito Y, Sumino H, Takizawa T, Kogure T, Chaichantipyuth C, Higuchi Y, Ishikawa T, Sakamaki T. “ Pueraria mirifica phytoestrogens improve dyslipidemia in postmenopausal women probably by activating estrogen receptor subtypes” Tohoku J Exp Med. 216(4):341-51 )


Though there are various products available in the market that claims to enlarge the breasts but St. Botanica is a class apart containing all natural herbal ingredients. These ingredients works naturally on your body parts and you don’t need to go under the knife to get the beauty. Only taking the capsules at right intervals and regularly will prove to be an effective solution for your breast care.

What would be more easy in this complicated world than to take some capsules for the overall care of your breasts. You can easily give five minutes to your breasts in the busy schedule and observe the change in your looks within months.

Packed with Antioxidants and Phyto-estrogens:

St. Botanica Breast Capsules are powered by phytoestrogens and antioxidants that are helpful to catalyze the process of breast development and it resists the inhibitors that are preventing the growth of breast cells. Phyto estrogens are the hormones that are injected in the capsules but they affect the body parts naturally as they are bio-identical to the naturally occurring estrogens. Body of woman accept these hormones because of the same molecular structure and it works similarly like the natural estrogens.

The antioxidants that are present in this capsule help to get rid of the effect of free radicals that are damaging the soft tissues and breast cells. So along with enhancing the shape and size of your breasts, these capsules help in protecting from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Helps to Provide Fibrous Protein

Fibrous protein is essential for the proper development of the breasts and if someone is lacking in this protein then her breasts will not develop well. These proteins are required for the conditioning of breasts and to get back the lost vigor due to the process of aging. Fibrous protein can be increased by activating the process of collagen synthesis.

These capsules helps to activate this process and also helps to reduce the anxiety and tension. Anxiety and tension are also equally responsible for the poor development of breasts as the lack of nutrition is responsible.