Shilajit Supplements + Asparagus


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Shila means “rock” and Shilajit means “rock like”. It is a sanskrit term which means “Ruler of mountains and suppressor of weakness”. It is called so due to its ability to rule over the diseases and weakness. This black terry substance, most prominently found in Himalayan Mountain region, emerges as a thick rich paste from the rocks of the cliffs.

Ingredients in Shilajit: Shilajit Extract, 500mg.

Safed Musali:

The plant is commonly known as White Musali or Swet Musali. Known for its aphrodisiac nature, the plant is found in Western Himalyas. The shrub enhances sexual drive by increasing the sperm count in males.
Ingredients In Safed Musali: Safed Musali, 500mg.

The Combo Includes Shilajit Supplements and Asparagus in Qtys 1,2 or 3 each as per your Selection.