St.Botanica Butea Superba Gel For Men’s Sexual Health


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Butea Superba Gel is an excellent natural remedy for erectile problems. With Butea Superba as the key ingredient and enriched with extracts of Aloe Barbadensis and Centella Asiatica, Butea Superba Gel causes significant improvement in erectile capacity, thereby saving men from embarrassment and stress caused by weak erection during sexual intercourse.

At some point in life almost every man has experienced erection problems. Several factors including stress, depression and anxiety may prevent you from attaining and maintaining a firm erection for a successful intercourse. While in a large number of healthy men erection problems occur occasionally, several men experience persistent erection dysfunction that worsens mental stress and leads to relationship problems.

In traditional Thai medicine, Butea Superba is used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. Known as Red Kwao Krua, this herbal aphrodisiac apart from improving erectile capacity and boosting sex drive is also considered good for the health of the prostate gland.

Hence, regular application of Butea Superba Gel is recommended for men with

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Poor sex drive

Erection is stimulated by various physical and mental stimuli. It occurs when signals emitted from the brain promotes relaxation of the muscles and blood vessels in the penis, thereby filling the penis with blood. Blood trapped in the erection chambers known as corpora cavernosa helps in expanding the penis that causes an erection. Erectile dysfunction occurs when the blood flow to the penis cannot be maintained for a certain amount of time. Butea Superba addresses the erection problem by improving vasodilation of the smooth muscles in the corpus cavernosa, which helps to trap the blood in the erectile tissues and increase the pressure in the penis to support a successful erection.

Application of Butea Superba Gel directly to the penis helps in nourishing the corpora cavernosa, which helps in boosting the relaxation capacity of the penile muscles.

How to Use

Take a little gel and with your finger tips gently spread it all over the penis. Massage gently with the finger tips until the gel in completely absorbed into the skin. For best result, use Butea Superba Gel twice daily, in the morning and night.


Regular use of Butea Superba Gel offers the following benefits:

  • Promotes blood circulation in the penis
  • Helps in improving erectile rigidity
  • Helps in penis enlargement
  • Helps in improving erection and maintaining erection for longer time
  • Helps in maintaining sexual virility

For centuries Thai men have enjoyed the benefits of Butea Superba Gel for improving the quality of their sexual life. By introducing Butea Superba Gel we have enabled men from across the world to experience the benefits of this wonderful male enhancement product. By using nano lipid carriers as delivery agent we have ensured that the herbal formula easily penetrates the erectile tissues providing fast relief to your erection problem.


The main ingredient used in this gel is Butea Superba. It is a herb which is found in Thailand which has aphrodisiac properties. Butea superba is a very effective herb the helps in rejuvenating the male sex organs and increasing the vigor in male. It helps in male enhancement and it contains natural vasolidators. This herb helps in increasing the sexual energy in men. In Thailand it has been revered as health tonic and it is a popular as mild aphrodisiac for men. This herb helps in improving the erectile function naturally and helps in better blood circulation in genital parts of male body.

(Cortés-González JR, Arratia-Maqueo JA, Gómez-Guerra LS, Holmberg AR. “The use of Butea superba (Roxb.) compared to sildenafil for treating erectile dysfunction.” BJU Int. 105(2):225-8 )

Along with Butea Superba, this gel also contains some other tropical herb extracts that increases the overall efficiency of this gel. The regular usage of Butea Superba Gel also helps in improving the vision as it contains some effective natural chemicals that enhances the vision power of a men.

This gel also contains nitric oxide which is an essential component to promote the sexua;l performance and sensitivity in the functional sex organs. This component helps in growing the sexual functions which helps in nourishing the sexual glands in male.

Further, Butea Superba also helps in normalizing the blood pressure and it promotes the growth of nerve tissues as well. Also, if you want to maintain the sexual endurance in your aging process, then regular use of this herb will be very useful in such condition. It helps in increasing the sexual endurance in the middle-aged men to help them in improving the sex arousal with their partner.


Helps in the Overall Development of Penis

The regular application of St.Botanica Butea Superba Gel on penis helps in developing the overall health of penis. It helps in improving the size of penis and providing the firmness in the tissues for a better girth. It helps in the complete growth of genital organ in male along with increasing the sensitivity of the near by skin. Due to this you will be able to enjoy the multiple orgasms and higher level of pleasure during sex.

The regular use of this gel is helpful in increasing the circulation of blood in the genital parts and developing hard rock erections in penis. You will enjoy better excitement, sensitivity and increased sex duration. Both the partners will be satisfied to a great extent as this gel helps in maintaining the penile erections for longer time. It also helps in recovering from the painful penetration during sex. This gel acts as moisturizer and lubricator which enhances the sex arousal and helps in providing deeper and easier penetrations.

Supports the mechanism to Overcome from Impotence

Impotency is rising as a serious problem nowadays. Many men are suffering from this problem which is also responsible for low confidence in male partner during sex. Male impotence is generally caused due to psychological effects such as depression and stress. Sometimes the excessive intake of medicines is also responsible for impotence. Erectile dysfunction may also lead to the problem of impotence which is also responsible for lowering the energy for sex.

Butea Superba is a kind of herb that supports the mechanism of overcoming from all these factors that enhance the impotence in male. Thus, the regular intake of Butrea Superba will help you to overcome the problem of impotence quickly.

Free from any Irritating Effect

St.Botanica Butea Superba Gel doesn’t leave any irritating effect on you or your partner even if you are using it just before having sexual intercourse. In fact it helps to enhance the pleasure of sex as it is made from skin friendly herbs that are absolutely safe.