Kohinoor Gold Plus + Safed Musli – Increase Libido And Enhance Male Fertility


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Kohinoor gold Plus

Kohinoor gold Plus is regarded as world’s one of the best natural male sexual supplement.It has been formulated with great care from the Extract. s of world’s most esteemed herbs which are appraised for their matchless effectivity in restoring vigor and virility in men.

Kohinoor Gold Plus contains Ashwagandha Extract,Safed Musli Extract(60 mm.), Purified Shilajit Extract(60 mg), Gokshura Extract(60 mg), Kapikachhu Extract(60 mg), Vidarikand Extract(40 mg.), Akarkara Extract(40 mg.), Jatiphala (Myristica fragrans) Extract(40 mg.),Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) Extract(40 mg.)

Shwet musali

Shwet musali contains some of the most essential natural vitalizing ingredients which include spirostanol glycosides, furostanol glycosides, and proteins.

Shwet Musali or Asparagus Adscendens contains Safed Musli Extract (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) (rhizome) Saponins>20% (500 mg).

This combo Include Kohinoor gold Plus and Shwet musali in Qtys 1, 2 or 3 each as per your selection.