Fenugreek + Bittermelon (Karela) Capsules – Diabetes


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Fenugreek supports healthy digestive function, healthy glucose and lipid levels, and women’s health, particularly post-natal health.

Morpheme Fenugreek contains (Trigonella foenumgracium) (Seeds) Extract 500mg


This natural medicine could be beneficial for a number of health disorders which mainly are as follows: It is one of the most effective medications in diabetes, for high blood sugar or hyperglycemia patients. Bittermelon is extremely useful for indigestion, dyspepsia, and constipation. Being a strong purgative it is quite effective in sluggish bowel evacuation. Bittermelon is a good source of essential vitamins. It contains vitamins like A, B1, hepatoflavin, C, and minerals like iron.

Morpheme Bittermelon capsules contains pure extract of Bitter Melon (Karela) (500 mg.) (Momordica charantia Linn) (Fruit) Extract Bitters>5%.

This combo Include Fenugreek and Bittermelon (Karela) in Qtys 1,2 or 3 each as per your selection.