Sexual Arousal in Men

Sexual Arousal in MenDo you want to woo your man during sexual act? Well, woman is bestowed with all those magical powers to entice a man. But they there are certain things about men arousal that no women know. Detail knowledge about men’s sexual arousal will definitely help women. It will help every woman to learn men’s sexual phase closely and clearly.

We are here revealing the phases of sexual arousal of men to help all those women who want to win their men’s heart. Are you ready to conquer your man all over again? So, get ready to learn them and make your special moments even more pleasurable.

Stages Of Sexual Arousal in Men


Excitement or arousal is the initial phase of sexual arousal in men. It starts with the feeling of stimulation in the presence and proximity of their partners.


These psychological feeling stimulates the nervous system which sends signal to the body to direct the blood flow towards pelvic region. This causes penis to erect and the scrotum become tighter. The testicles are also expanded upward.


During this phase, the blood flow towards penis is even heavier which makes the glans (tip of penis) wider and blood vessel around the penis loaded with blood. At this point the penis and testicles appear deep in color and they grow in size by 50 % than their normal size. Moreover, the heart rate becomes faster, blood pressure increases, and breathing become faster, region around the pelvic region i.e. thighs and buttocks become tighter.

And the perineum region is warm to touch. At this stage, man is closer to orgasm when the penetration of penis into the vagina is easier than ever. Here man enjoys the pleasure of sex being inside in a woman’s vagina. This stage is followed by the orgasm and ejaculation phase.


During orgasm, a number of contraction and relaxation occur which force the ejaculation of semen through the urethra and finally out of the penis. The contraction in the pelvic floor muscle i.e. the vas deferens (tube that transport sperm from the testicles to the penis) and in the seminal vesicles along with prostate glands mixes the fluid with the sperm. The mixture of sperm and fluid is called semen.


This contraction of the pelvic region during orgasm is beyond the control of man. Therefore, the contraction of the pelvic muscle and prostate gland forces the ejaculation of the semen from the penis. After this, the penis can no longer hold the erection and it reduces in size and shape.


Resolution is the final stage of men arousal. Here breathing remains faster, heart rate remains fast, and he starts sweating. This phase is also called recovery phase when the penis and testicles comes back to normal size. At this point of time, no more orgasm is possible naturally. However, it also depends on individual man. Sometimes, man get aroused but it doesn’t cause ejaculation. The testicle and pelvis may pain due to non-ejaculation. But it happens mostly in older men. If it occurs in young men then it might be due to certain medical conditions. Therefore, one should consult a doctor immediately.