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Seven Golden Tips To Reduce Fat From Body

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Seven Golden Tips To Reduce Fat From BodyNowadays the concept of beauty has changed. You may have sharp feature but if you do not have a slim and trim body you will not be regarded as a beautiful man or woman. For this reason everyone wants a slim body to remain beautiful. Nowadays it is really a hard job to avoid getting fatty as most of us enjoy a sedentary lifestyle.

We spend major time of a day in office doing mainly the desk job. At home also most of our house hold works are done by different machines. For this reason our body do not get enough chance to burn calorie and those excess calorie accumulate in our body as fat. Fat is good and necessary for the good of our body but excess fat is always bad.

Excess fat or obesity does not make a person ugly; it also invites different health problems such as heart attack, diabetes, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, etc. For this reason reduce fat as early as possible to avoid those unwanted situations. Exercise perhaps the best way to reduce fat but there are some ayurvedic remedies that enhance the power of the exercise to reduce fat naturally. This article will give your few tips to reduce fat from your body using some ayurvedic remedies.

Tips to Reduce Fat from Body

Drinking Warm Water

Drinking warm water at empty stomach in the morning is good. It helps to reduce fat. Warm water helps to melt fat very quickly.

Lemon Juice and Honey

Lemon juice being acidic melts fat very quickly. Take a cup of warm milk, squeeze one lemon and add a small teaspoon honey in it. Mix well and drink it everyday in the morning. This helps to reduce fat very effectively and within few days.


Seven Golden Tips To Reduce Fat From Body

Garlic is very effective to melt fat. Eat garlic everyday. Eating a clove of raw garlic before taking any meal is effective to melt fat. You can take it in another way. Fry 2-3 cloves of garlic in 1 teaspoon mustard oil and mix that fried garlic in hot rice. Everyday intake of garlic helps to reduce fat within few days.

Aloevera Gel

Regular eating of aloevera gel helps to reduce fat. Cut one tube of aloevera tube and remove the fresh gel from it. Eat it at empty stomach in the morning it helps to reduce fat very quickly.

Basil Leaves

Seven Golden Tips To Reduce Fat From Body

Basil leaves also helps to reduce fat. Take 7-8 fresh basil leaves and wash them properly. Chew them accompanied by a glass of warm milk. Regular intake of basil leaves help to reduce fat effectively.

Green Tea

Green tea has property that reduces fat. Drink tea 3-4 times daily to reduce fat. Green tea reduces hunger and melt fat. Automatically, regular drinking of green tea help you to reduce fat within few days.

Drink Lots of Normal Water

Drink adequate water everyday to run the function of your body properly. Normal amount of water that you need to drink is 8-10 glasses of water. To reduce fat enhance the amount of drinking water. But stay away from chilled water. Water not only hydrates your body, it increases energy and encourage you to remain mobile.

Follow these tips and reduce your fat effectively and quickly within few days of your own.

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