Methods For Breast Lift And Augmentation

Methods For Breast Lift And AugmentationThe feeling of a full and sprightly breast conjures up youth, vivacity, vitality and appeal to women. Every woman desires to have a upright and full bosom. However, every woman is not well endowed. You can have big, but sagging breasts; small, but perky breasts or still worse small as well as sagging breasts.

If your breasts fall into any of these categories you may be feeling morose. But you should know that there are modern methods available which can put an end to your problems. Breast lift and augmentation can let you have a voluptuous and upright breast that you have been looking to get so far.

Breast Lift

Breast lift also known as mastopexy in surgical term will lift your breasts by removing the redundant skin and tightening the tissue surrounding the breasts. This process will help the skin to firm up and in turn support the breast more firmly. Your breasts will get a more appealing shape. If you have an enlarged areola and you do not like it, you can reduce that too with a breast lift.

Health, Body Weight and Smoking Habit

Methods For Breast Lift And Augmentation

However, before proceeding for breast lift and augmentation you should check that you are healthy, your body weight is stable and you do not smoke.

Don’t Listen to Others Advice

Don’t be influenced by what others are saying. You should not proceed for a breast lift if you do not feel any need for it. These are more often than not mere psychological problems. A sagging breast is not going to be a reason for any physical complication.

Realistic Expectations

Your expectations regarding the surgery should be realistic. You should know that the surgery is not going to completely change the anatomy of your breasts. You are not going to have the best pair of breasts ever had by any woman. A breast lift can just give a better appearance to your breasts.

Breast Augmentation

If your breasts are small and you want them to be bigger you need to go for breast augmentation. It is a process whereby an implant, natural or synthetic, is introduced into your breasts to make them look voluminous yet natural. The implant consists of a filling material encapsulated with a silicone skin. The filling material used mostly are silicone gel and saline. You can also get a PIP implant.

Natural Breast Augmentation

However, there are risks involved in having silicone breast implants and this has led many to adopt more friendly method.

Fat Grafting

Methods For Breast Lift And Augmentation


In this method, fat harvested from the fat surplus parts of your body will injected into your breast tissue. The fat particles will slowly integrate themselves with your body and become a part of the breast tissue. However, in quite a few cases the body has rejected the fat particles, and it has formed lumps.

Most Modern Method

Injecting into the breast tissue a mixture of your own fat tissue with stem cells harvested from your own body can give you a permanent solution in terms of breast volume. The stem cells will help the fat tissue to develop a blood supply of its own. Because of this the fat tissue will find it easy to integrate itself with the body and become regular breast tissue.

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