How To Treat And Prevent Breast Cysts Naturally

How To Treat And Prevent Breast Cysts Naturally Breast cysts are usually an outcome of hormonal imbalance caused in women. Menopause is a very big reason for hormonal imbalance in middle aged women. This makes women close to menopause more susceptible to breast cysts. Though, middle aged women are more prone to them; however, hormonal imbalance caused during menstruation can also result in the formation of cysts in the breast.

Generally, cysts cause pain and soreness in the breasts when the periods start; thus, it becomes easy to diagnose them. Nevertheless, there are a few natural ways of preventing and curing the breast cysts.

5 Ways to Prevent and Cure Breast Cysts

Undergo Thyroid test periodically

The problem of thyroid usually happens due to the paucity of iodine in the body. Iodine is a natural source that helps in preventing breast cyst formation. Since iodine reverses the complete procedure of cyst formation within the breasts, it should be taken regularly in order to decrease the chances of cystic formation.

Prevention is always better than cure. Thus, you must undergo thyroid test to find out the iodine level in your body. Regular consumption of iodine is the best natural prevention against breast cysts. The best source of iodine is common salt. However, excess of salt consumption can reverse the complete situation. Thus, you must use salt only as a seasoning in your food so that the iodine level of the body is maintained. You must not consume salt in excess, since it can result in water retention within the breasts that can upshot the formation of lumps, resulting in breast cysts.

Consume Fiber Rich Fruits and Food

The fruits and food that are rich in fiber have conventionally been related to improving digestion and increasing metabolism. However, recent studies have revealed that fiber rich supplements help in restoring the hormonal imbalance in the body. Hormonal imbalance is the biggest cause of breast cysts.

How To Treat And Prevent Breast Cysts Naturally


Such supplements reduce the formation of higher oestrogen in the body during periods and lactation in feeding mothers. Oestrogen is a variant of estrogen and a big reason behind the formation of cysts in the breast. Thus, fibrous substances like onion, lime, garlic, beans, grains, turmeric, carrot etc. should be consumed regularly in order to keep bay from the problem of breast cysts at any stage of life.

Consume Essential Minerals

The essential minerals like selenium and flaxseed oil helps in preventing the formation of breast cysts in women. Minerals help in restoring the hormonal balance of the body during the complete menstrual cycle. Thus, they are a very powerful natural way of fighting with the problem of breast cysts.

Though, breast cysts are non cancerous, but their removal is essential to avoid future problems. Minerals, when taken in combination with multivitamins, help in removing breast cysts. Hence, minerals and vitamins are not just a natural prevention against breast cysts; they are also a natural cure if breast cysts happen.

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Gently Massage the Breasts

This is a natural and powerful way of decreasing the possibility of breast cyst occurrence in women. Gentle massage eases the discomfort caused in the breasts during menstruation.

How To Treat And Prevent Breast Cysts Naturally Massage naturally helps the fluids in moving and does not allow the fluid to amass in the breasts. Therefore, the cysts do not get a chance to form and grow when the breasts are naturally massaged. This is a beneficial natural prevention as well as cure to breast cysts.

Minimize the Consumption of Chocolates

Chocolates, cola, coco and coffee offer diuretic properties. Since they are rich in caffeine too, they can possibly result in water retention. This certainly increases the chances of lump formation within the breasts. Therefore, avoiding or minimizing their consumption can naturally fight back water retention in the breasts.

All the above-listed 5 ways are the best natural ways of preventing and curing breast cysts.

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