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How To Reduce Menopause Fatigue Naturally

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How To Reduce Menopause Fatigue Naturally Nearly all women experience fatigue when they go through menopause. There are lots of issues that arise due to menopause and contribute to fatigue. Menopause fatigue does not only arise from the lack of estrogen or progesterone but it can result from other menopausal symptoms like night sweat and insomnia that take a toll on a woman’s body and often leads to lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep along with other underlying menopausal symptoms translates into fatigue. Once she starts feeling fatigued, her stress and anxiety level also increases. Often the condition becomes so disturbing that she finds no energy to finish her daily chores or enjoy any other activity throughout the day. Some women feel completely exhausted. The recuperative energy gathered from an undisturbed night sleep is crucial for a woman’s health to function properly during the day. There are many reasons that triggers fatigue during menopause. Some basic components are:

Basic Components

One reason for menopause fatigue is cortisol, a hormone that runs through the body. Estrogen controls this hormone and keeps it in check. Due to reduction in the level of estrogen, the amount of cortisol that flows in the body increases. Due to this hormonal imbalance, you feel exhausted. The same activity which may not have been tiring for you before, now takes more effort to complete.

Cortisol regulation and hormonal imbalance is not the only factor that causes severe fatigue. Lack of sleep takes a toll on the body and leaves you exhausted.  Anxiety and stress which begins even before the menopause starts takes a greater toll during this period and wears you out. This upsetting or overwhelming condition leads to insomnia.

If you are able to break this cycle, you will be able to sleep better and your level of exhaustion will be far less. Besides this, some lifestyle concerns like work stresses and family pressures can worsen fatigue all the more. All these factors become an endless cycle and turns menopause into a complex health issue for women. To fight this vicious cycle and bring your life back on the right track, there are many natural treatments that you can adopt.

Ways to Fight Menopause Fatigue

Regular Exercise

Create a regular but moderate exercise program. Exercising for at least 20 minutes each day or even simple walking will help to improve your energy level and fight fatigue.

How To Reduce Menopause Fatigue Naturally

Try to exercise in the sunlight during early morning. Sunlight motivates the mood and brings a feeling of alertness. Yoga, aerobic exercise, meditation or stretching etc. can raise the adrenaline level and invigorate energy, thus reducing the stress.

Proper Diet

Your diet has lot to do with your energy level. A well balanced diet with healthy eating habit will help you a lot to fight fatigue. Incorporate lot of fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, seafood and low fat milk products so that you can get all the nutrient required for health and wellbeing. Drink adequate water and fluids to keep your body hydrated. Protein is needed for production of hormones and serves as a building block for muscles and other body parts.

Research and studies suggest that high protein foods contain high tyrosine, which is needed to produce neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine, which regulates your mood and alertness. But don’t choose protein foods like beef, red meat and dairy products that contain high level of saturated fat. Choose leaner options like fish, nuts, beans and skinless chicken which are low in fat.

Vitamins and Supplements

Consume vitamins and supplements to boost your energy level. B vitamins help to keep the energy level high. Taking magnesium, L-carnitine and co-enzyme Q-10 and alpha lipoic acid helps to increase the energy level and fight fatigue.

How To Reduce Menopause Fatigue Naturally

Take supplement or add seaweed in your diet which is packed with trace minerals and nutrients and supports thyroid functions very well.

Lifestyle Changes

For getting uninterrupted sleep take your meal at least three hours prior to going to bed. Before going to sleep, drinking a glass of warm milk will help to get a good night sleep. Hot flashes and night sweats can interrupt sleep during menopause. To combat these symptoms, avoid all stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, diet pills or nicotine that disrupt sleep. Instead keep your body temperature cool by drinking ice water and also keep your sleeping environment cool using light bedding, light night clothes and keeping room temperature comfortable.

Alternative Treatment

How To Reduce Menopause Fatigue Naturally

There are several different alternative therapies that can effectively deal with menopause fatigue. They involve no risk at all. Biofeedback, acupuncture, aroma therapy or massage therapy are few amongst them.

Herbal Supplements

There are two types of herbs that are used for treating menopausal fatigue symptoms. They are phytoestrogenic and non-estrogenic herbs. Phytoestrogonic herbs derived from plants contain estrogenic compound. They are used to treat the hormonal imbalance in your body. But sometimes, adding outside hormone may decrease body’s own ability to produce estogen. However, certain herbs are very effective in getting a good night sleep.

Some very reputed and effective herbs among them are Chamomile, St. John’s Wort and valerian root. Some aromatic essential oil like jasmine, lavender oil and sandalwood oil has been found effective for improving the sleep cycle. One to two drops of this oil can be used on the pillow or around the bed to get an uninterrupted sleep. To get rid of menopause fatigue, you need to have a good night sleep every day. Once proper sleeping cycle is restored, you will regain energy and vitality and your fatigue will be gone.

Non-estrogenic herbs do not contain estrogen at all. These herbs are used to encourage natural hormone production in a woman by nurturing woman’s endocrine and pituitary glands. They help in producing natural hormone and balance the estrogen level. Non- estrogenic herbs are best way to treat menopausal symptoms as they encourage body’s own ability to produce hormone without any side effect or risk.

There are many non-estrogenic herbs that are increasingly being used as natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Macafem is considered safest among them as this herb has been approved by medical institutions and doctors after several studies and research. Combination treatment like lifestyle changes and herbal supplements is the best way to fight menopause fatigue.