How To Manage Gestational Diabetes

How To Manage Gestational DiabetesGestational diabetes is a condition that develops during pregnancy and usually disappears once the baby is delivered. Certain hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy may cause glucose intolerance which results in a higher level of blood sugar. Gestational diabetes when not managed and controlled may cause potential risk to both mother and the baby.

Risks Associated with Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes, if not diagnosed and treated at the right time may result in pregnancy hypertension which may cause difficult breathing in the fetus. Also, a high blood sugar during pregnancy has the risk of a heavy baby and a difficult delivery. Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy stand a fair chance of acquiring type 2 diabetes later in life. The risk increases more if they have a poor lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

Not all expectant mothers develop gestational diabetes during the course of pregnancy. Certain factors determine the occurrence of this condition while expecting a baby. A family history of diabetes, polycystic ovarian disorder(PCOD), a late pregnancy or pregnancy after 30, obesity or excess bodyweight are some of the causes that play a major role in aggravating this insulin related condition.

How to Manage Gestational Diabetes

Despite the risks involved, the positive side of this condition is that it can be managed effectively with the help of diet and lifestyle management, few medications and some tested and proven natural remedies. Here are some easy and excellent ways to manage gestational diabetes and bring down your blood sugar levels and ensure a risk free and safe pregnancy.

Balanced Diet

The key to effective management of gestational or any type of diabetes is a controlled and healthy diet plan. Your food should consist of fiber rich whole grains, green vegetables, low fat dairy products, and all low Glycemic Index foods. Avoid sweets, sugar rich fruits, juices, chocolates, ice creams and cookies.
How To Manage Gestational Diabetes


Staying away from white rice, white sugar and other white refined flours will also help in controlling high sugar levels. It is always better to consult a nutritionist who would make a diet chart based on the calorie needs and requirements during pregnancy.

Physical Activity

Taking up a mild exercise or any medium paced aerobic activity will helps in controlling gestational diabetes. By regular exercising, the body glucose gets converted in energy hence reducing the insulin resistance.

Herbal and Natural Supplements

Since gestational diabetes hits during peak pregnancy, you cannot afford to have too many medications or insulin to control the blood sugar levels. Herbal supplements and kitchen remedies are excellent ways to manage gestational diabetes safely and effectively. The best remedy for treating diabetes is the consumption of Bitter Gourd or Ampalaya. It is a scientifically proven herbal medicine for diabetes. Bitter gourd or bitter melon contains alkaloids and flavanoids that helps the body secrete plenty of insulin and controls blood sugar levels naturally.

Cinnamon is also known as an excellent source to control diabetes. It can be used in the form of grounded powder. Sprinkling just a pinch of cinnamon on your daily breakfast cereal may help in treating gestational diabetes and building insulin resistance.

Keeping a Check on Sugar Levels

Apart from all the above remedies, treatments and lifestyle changes, you need to keep a regular check on your blood glucose levels. This can be done with the help of a simple blood test. A rise in sugar levels may indicate the need for medication or some diet changes. Also, it is important to go for a blood sugar test immediately after delivery to make sure that the glucose levels have come down after the child birth.

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