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How To Get Strong Sperm

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How To Get Strong SpermThe quality and health of the sperm are important parameters for couples who are trying to get pregnant. The quality of sperm is determined by two factors namely the sperm count and the sperm motility. Sperm count is the number of sperm that is discharged in a single ejaculation. A man who contains 15 million sperm per milliliter is said to be fertile.

The second aspect is the motility and morphology of the sperm. Motility is the way the sperm moves and morphology is the way the sperm is shaped and formed. There are ways and means by which a man can keep his sperm healthy and boost his chances of impregnating his partner.

Top Ways To Get Strong Sperm

Always Practice Safe Sex

If you have an active sex life with multiple sex partners, make sure that you always practice safe sex. Certain sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and Chlamydia are known to cause infertility in men and women. If you are having sex frequently, make sure to always wear a condom.

A Healthy Diet

Nothing works as effectively as a healthy diet to get strong sperm. Men should keep junk food intake to the minimum and get plenty of fruits and veggies in their diets. These are not only a powerhouse of antioxidants but also have disease fighting properties.

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Apart from fruits, minerals like zinc and selenium are vital for producing quality sperm with good motility. These trace minerals can be obtained from eggs, fish and leafy, green vegetables. A nutritious diet will keep your sperm healthy and help to facilitate conception.

Exercise And Stave Off Obesity

It is a must for men to exercise regularly. Exercise keeps the body in shape and prevents obesity. Obesity and excess weight directly affects the quality and quantity of sperm that is produced. Make sure you get in at least an hour of exercise 4-5 times a week. This will help you shed excess weight and directly improve your fertility.

Manage Stress

It is very important to manage and stave off stress. Stress is one of the primary reasons why more and more couples are finding it difficult to conceive a child.

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With hectic and fast paced lives men are feeling the heat and stress of their high profile jobs. Stress produces a hormone called as cortisol which affects the way sperm are formed and shaped. This could directly impact the fertility of the man.

Cut Down On Smoking And Alcohol

If you have been diagnosed with low sperm count and low sperm motility, it is a good time to cut down on smoking and alcohol. Ban smoking completely and restrict your alcohol intake. This will in turn boost sperm production and improve fertility parameters of the man.

Do Not Wear Tight Fitting Underwear

Do Not Wear Tight Fitting Underwear

It will serve you well to not wear tight fitting underwear. Make sure your underwear is just rightly fitted. Tight underwear is not only restrictive but increases the basal temperature of the testes which can affect the quality and count of the sperm.

Stay Away From Environmental Pollutants

Make sure that you stay away from environmental pollutants. These create a hazard and affect the sperm motility and morphology. Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals especially in factories and mines.