How To Enjoy Sex After The Menopause

How To Enjoy Sex After The MenopauseMenopause draws an end to your fertility but not to your sex life. You can enjoy sex even after the termination of regular menstrual cycles. Many women suffer from tremendous emotional setback nurturing a wrong notion that most of the femininity is lost upon attaining menopause, but the reality is different. You need to come to terms with aging and menopause is just an outcome of it.

Certainly, it is not easy to adjust quickly to the disorders accompanied by menopause, but a positive outlook and healthy lifestyle can help you to enjoy sex after the menopause. Sexual discomforts like vaginal dryness, low sex drive and painful intercourse do interfere with post menopause sex, but these can be dealt with effectively. The only thing you need is to tackle the situation wisely adopting health smart tips or consulting your general physician. The choice is entirely yours.

Top 6 Tips to Enjoy Sex After the Menopause

The following tips will help you in invigorating your sex life after the menopause. Ultimately, your attitude and positive mindset will be the deciding factors.

Lifestyle Change is a must

Physiological conditions change as you age. Therefore, certain lifestyle changes must be adopted quickly to maintain your health, which in turn will enable you to enjoy sex after the menopause. Quitting smoking is the first lifestyle change that you should adopt. Smoking reduces blood circulation in the vagina and affects the estrogen level bringing in a host of troublesome menopausal symptoms enough to dampen your sex life. Reduce your alcohol consumption too. Regular drinking aggravates hot flushes, which can seriously affect your post menopause sex life.

Emphasize on Intimacy with your Partner

All these years, you have developed special skills in love making and have known your partner well. Now you need to enhance those skills a bit. Do not remain focused only on orgasm or penetrative sex. On the other hand, emphasize more on your intimacy by fondling, cuddling and kissing. Give sensual massages to each other.

How To Enjoy Sex After The Menopause

Erotic massages are effective sexual stimulants that heighten your libido making your love making a long lasting event. Do not miss out the excitement in foreplay. Devote enough time on foreplay adopting erotic gestures that will ignite the passion in both of you. You need to keep in mind that perfect coordination, cooperation and understanding between you and your partner can make your sex life more enjoyable and exciting even after menopause.

Enjoying Sex Regularly should be your Priority

Never take sex as a routine job. Then, all the zing is lost. Have sex regularly and make it an enjoyable event every time. Talk frequently with your partner about the excitement and the interesting findings of your love making. This is bound to add flavor. Stay relaxed before having sex. Change the venue or location frequently. Avoid monotonous sexual acts. Add sensuality to your bedroom. Above all, encourage each other constantly to indulge in this most enjoyable activity of life. Your libido will be high, and you will not feel yourself unwanted.

Keep yourself Physically Active

Regular physical workouts should be carried out compulsorily in order to enjoy sex after menopause. Low levels of estrogen and progesterone will create some discomforts, which need to be counterbalanced by physical activities.

How To Enjoy Sex After The Menopause

Brisk walking, cycling, swimming and mild jogging are the simplest activities to maintain a healthy blood circulation essential for a healthy sex life. Devote 20-30 minutes daily for physical workouts and sex will be more enjoyable to you.

Use Vaginal Lubricants

Vaginal dryness is the most common outcome of menopause giving rise to painful sexual intercourse. You can use water soluble vaginal lubricants like K-Y jelly, Sylk, Senselle or Astroglide to treat this disorder. Usage of non-water soluble lubricants like Vaseline is strictly prohibited as it may weaken the latex of the condom causing it to tear. Usage of condoms is recommended till your menopause is confirmed by your doctor and to avoid sexually transmitted infections. Non-water soluble lubricants invite bacterial growth in women with compromised body immunity.

Opt for the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone replacement therapy can revive your sex life after menopause to a great extent. You can either opt for topical application of hormonal creams or have oral hormonal tablets. Many doctors advise application of estrogen creams to increase the vaginal lubrication enabling an enjoyable sexual intercourse.

How To Enjoy Sex After The Menopause

Estrogen tablets or pellets are also placed in the vagina in order to enhance love making. You may opt for vaginal rings containing estrogen that sits in the vagina comfortably for about 2-3 months allowing you a pleasanter sexual intercourse. Hormone replacement therapy should be adopted strictly under medical guidance and carried out for the least possible time.