Herbal Remedies For Hypertension

Herbal Remedies For Hypertension Hypertension can have a holistic treatment approach with the herbal remedies along with some lifestyle changes. These two paths can make a long way in solving the cardiovascular problems and in reducing the high blood pressure. Performing exercise for about half an hour per day and reducing the weight by at least 10 pounds can bring a lot of change in the blood pressure.

The buildup of plaque in the arteries and veins can be normally fought with the polyphenols present in the tea. Drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea, red tea and hibiscus tea every day is known to be useful in decreasing the blood pressure according to some research studies. The herbal compounds that function similar to the calcium channel blockers present in Angelica are usually prescribed for treating the heart problems and hypertension. In some of the studies done on animals, the plant called Nigel la is found to be showing highest activity against hypertension.

Aromatherapy is also found to be effective in the treatment of hypertension. Hypotensive oils include marjoram, ylang ylang, lavender, stabilizing oils, relaxing oils and many herbs are used for massaging and reducing the stress. Stress reduction will ease the problem of high blood pressure. Plants containing Berberine compound are primarily involved in treating intestinal disorders while they are also involved in lowering the high blood pressure.

The traditional Chinese medicine makes use of chrysanthemum along with the Japanese herb honeysuckle to treat the high blood pressure. Yarrow herb which is known for its ability to decrease the fever and popularly known as wound herb is also helpful in dilating the blood vessels and thereby reducing the high blood pressure.

Some of the Herbal Remedies for Hypertension

Stinging Nettle

The spicy and sassy blood tonic is made from the decoction that is prepared from the combination of a herb called stinging nettle along with the other ingredients like orange, sassafras, cinnamon, and hawthorn. Half table spoon of stinging nettle root is mixed with one teaspoon of cinnamon chunks, one teaspoon of orange peel, half tablespoon of sassafras bark and one tablespoon of berries taken from hawthorn. These are added to two quarts of cold water and slowly heated for about 20minutes. Then the water is strained from the herbal mixture. This tea is effective in treating the hypertension.


Mistletoe tea is prepared using the dried leaves of the plant Viscum album. This tea is used for the treatment of high blood pressure symptoms, snoring and headache. This plant is not used alone in making the desired preparation. Mostly the tea is prepared with the other herbs like valerian and Vervain.

Herbal Remedies For Hypertension

It is strongly suggested by the experts that only dried leaves of this herb are used for tea and not its berries. As the berries are toxic, FDA has announced not to use them. Consulting an herbal practitioner is also good before using this herb for medicinal purpose. One teaspoon of dried leaves are added to one cup of hot water and kept aside for some time. This will allow the leaf extracts to get steeped into the water. After the water is cooled, it can be taken. This can be taken for two times in a day.


A small clove of garlic per day can be eaten which shows lot of beneficial effects for hypertension. Fresh garlic is used in cooking and garlic powder instead of salt can be used in recipes to show dramatic effect against hypertension.

Coleus Forskohlii

Herbal Remedies For Hypertension

Forskolin extracts are prepared from the plant called Coleus. Foskolin is a compound prepared from this plant for the purpose of treating hypertension. The formulations prepared from Coleus also consist of other herbs such as valerian and hawthorn.

Annona Muricata

It is also called as custard apple. The leaf extract of this plant is observed to have the capacity to lower the blood pressure by reducing the peripheral vascular resistance according to a research study published in the pharmacognosy reviews in the year 2011.

Apium Graveolens

The research study published in pharmacognosy reviews says that Apium graveolens which is also called as celery is very good for decreasing the hypertension.

Herbal Remedies For Hypertension

The celery juice should be mixed with honey in equal quantities from which eight ounces are taken for 3 times per day. This should be continued for one week to see good results.

Avena Sativa

The necessity for antihypertensive medication can be avoided by the use of Avena sativa as part of the diet. The cardiovascular disease risks are also reduced with the regular use of these whole oats.

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