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Herbal Remedies For Dry Eyes

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Herbal Remedies For Dry Eyes The production of tears in the eyes is very important for keeping the eyes lubricated and health. Dry eyes are usually seen in aged people. The dry eyes condition is experienced more by men than women. There are millions of people who are suffering due to dry eyes. Dry eyes are a problem that can be solved by some natural herbs.

You should find the herbs that can suit your problems. If you use the herbs perfectly, you can avoid treatments for dry eyes.

Herbal Remedies for Treating Dry Eyes

Get omega-3 from Flaxseed

Omega-3 fatty acids are very necessary for healthy eyes. Dry eyes can be avoided if omega-3 is reaching the body parts according to the seeds. It will avoid the fear of increasing dryness in the eyes. Now you might have understood what omega-3 can do with your dry eyes. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly present in flaxseed.

The use of cold and pressed flaxseed can make better results. But you cannot apply it directly on your eyes, you should consume it orally. One table spoon of flaxseed oil everyday can help you to get rid of your problems. You can also grind the fresh flaxseeds and mix them with water and consume it as it can make the same results. Flaxseed oil should be refrigerated well to avoid spoiling.

Dried Coriander Leaves for vitamin C

Vitamin C is another component that can be used for cure of dry eyes. Sometimes some free radicals in the eye can damage its health and as its result dry eyes can occur.

Herbal Remedies For Dry Eyes

Dried coriander leaves that are also known as cilantro is a great source of vitamin C that can cure dry eyes. 10 mg of vitamin C is the 17 percent of your daily requirement of the nutrient and 1 spoon of dried coriander leaves can provide you that. This is because the dried coriander leaves are the richest herb in vitamin C. So consume it if you have dry eyes.

More herbs for Vitamin C

The production of hylauronic acid in the body can be stimulated by ascorbic as which is the vitamin C. There are some more herbs that can help you to cure died eyes with vitamin C. Those herbs are also recommended for dry eyes. The herbs such as coriander, red pepper, parsley, allspice, peppermint, bay leaf, tarragon, garlic, cardamom, sage, rosemary, basil and so on can be utilized as herbal remedies for dry eyes.

Paprika for Vitamin A

Antioxidants are a component that can help to cure dry eyes. It can also increase the eye health. Vitamin A is a nutrient that contains these antioxidants.

Herbal Remedies For Dry Eyes

Lack of vitamin A can make the mucous membranes dry up. So vitamin A is very necessary for curing dry eyes. Paprika is a herb that can be used as a source of vitamin A. There are some more herbs that can make the same results, like cayenne pepper, oregano, chervil, savory and thyme.

Evening Primrose Oil

There are some plant seeds that can be used as an herbal remedy for dry eyes. Primrose oil is made by extracting various seeds and it is used as a medicine. It is rich in linoleic acid which is one among the fatty acids. This oil can help to treat dry eyes. Using it properly, can cure the dry eyes completely.

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