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Herbal Remedies For Cystic Acne

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Herbal Remedies For Cystic AcneCystic acne is a particular form of acne which can be extremely painful. This is because cystic acne causes the person to develop painful pustules on their skin. These pustules are like tiny cysts and are extremely painful when touched. When the cysts rupture, they leave ugly lesions on the skin.

These lesions ruin the appearance of the skin to a great extent. Cystic acne normally affects children during the stage of puberty. However, there have been cases of cystic acne among older people as well. Cystic acne normally occurs due to fluctuations in the hormonal balance of the human body. It is important to treat cystic acne in its initial stages as this helps to prevent the formation of deep lesions and scars on the skin. Cystic acne can be treated with the help of a wide range of herbal remedies. Given below are some of these effective herbal remedies.

Herbal Remedies to Treat Cystic Acne


Calendula is a very beneficial herb which can be used in the treatment and prevention of cystic acne. Calendula flowers are used in the preparation of herbal medicines. The petals of these flowers are dried and used to treat a wide range of health disorders. In the case of cystic acne, calendula has a cooling effect on the inflamed skin tissues.

It helps to combat the inflammation which is present in the pustules. This helps to soothe the skin and prevents the formation of more pustules in that area. Calendula is often used in the form of a topical lotion that can be applied directly on the affected portions of your skin. This lotion must be left in place for a few hours so as to allow absorption by the skin pores.


Burdock is an herb which is extremely beneficial due to its great medicinal value. It can be used to treat various kinds of inflammations and infections due to the fact that it is a powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial agent.

Herbal Remedies For Cystic Acne

The root of this herb is used in the preparation of supplements which can be taken to treat diseases of various kinds. In the case of cystic acne, burdock helps to combat the inflammation which is present in the tiny cysts. Once the inflammation subsides, the cysts slowly disappear as well.


This herb is highly valued due to its excellent medicinal value. Echinacea is beneficial in bringing the inflammation and redness under control within a short span of time. It is also helpful in dealing with the scars that are caused by this condition. After the cysts disappear, the patient normally has several scars on his face. Echinacea can even be used to lighten these scars. If this herb is used regularly, it can cause the scars to diminish at a steady rate.


This herb can also be used to treat cystic acne. Lavender is very soothing when it is applied on the surface of the skin.

Herbal Remedies For Cystic Acne

In the case of cystic acne, it helps to cool the inflamed areas of the skin and this gives relief to the patient. Lavender is helpful in easing the burning and redness which is associated with cystic acne.

Oregon Grape Root

This herb is excellent in its action on cystic acne. It is readily available in the form of supplements. It helps to dry up the acne and is helpful in dealing with the symptom of redness. Oregon grape root is a very powerful astringent and is helpful in combatting any bacteria that might be present in the area.

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