7 Wonderful Home Remedies for Tooth Infection

Tooth InfectionIf you are experiencing a throbbing or shooting kind of pain in and around a tooth, you must be suffering from tooth infection. If there is a swelling or abscess above or around the tooth that is painful to touch it is surely an indication of bacterial infection of one of your teeth. It can dissolve the bone around that tooth and form swelling with pus in it. The ache occurs when the nerve roots get irritated owing to the infection.

In tooth infection the pain is so severe that you become obsessed with ways to somehow reduce the intensity of the pain. But there are home remedies which have the ability to cure a tooth infection while at the same time relieving the pain symptoms. Let us discuss some of the home remedies for tooth infection.

Home Remedies for Tooth Infection

Clove Oil

Clove oil has been found to be associated with any treatment related to your teeth. Traditionally people were well acquainted with the medicinal properties of clove oil. Clove oil has mild anesthetic properties which can alleviate the pain symptoms. The anti-inflammatory property of clove oil is also helpful in decreasing the inflammation around the nerve root thereby reducing toothache. Moreover, clove oil is antibacterial and antiviral in nature.

clove oil

So application of clove oil on the affected tooth and its surroundings can bring about an all-round improvement in the tooth infection by helping to kill the bacteria, decreasing inflammation and reducing pain. So take some clove oil and with the help of a cotton ball apply it on and around the affected teeth and gum. Beware, too much of clove oil can burn the skin.


Garlic is a strong antibiotic and it is widely used in treatment of infections. To get most of the medicinal qualities out of garlic you should try to chew a clove of garlic with the affected tooth of at most by a tooth just adjacent to it. This will hurt, but is most effective. The juice will touch the affected areas and kill the bacteria. Not only that, garlic is also anti-inflammatory in nature. So it will help in reducing the irritation and thereby the pain too.


Ginger is a storehouse of medicinal qualities. It has been used for centuries to get relief from toothaches. Ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substance, and is soft on the stomach. So using ginger for tooth infection can fight the bacteria and the inflammation thereby reducing both the infection and consequent symptoms of pain and swelling.


Make some juice from ginger and apply it repeatedly over the affected portions with a cotton ball. Do this frequently over two to three days. You are most likely to get considerable relief.

Salt Water

Salt has mild antiseptic properties. Moreover, epsom salt is strongly hygroscopic in nature. This particular quality is useful in drawing out water from infected areas. Once you are able to draw out water from fluid accumulations the pain and swelling will come down drastically. So dissolve some Epsom salt in slightly warm water and rinse your mouth thoroughly so as to touch the affected areas repeatedly. The warmth will provide comfort to the oral cavity. You have to do this quite a few times throughout the day. You are sure to get considerable relief from the tooth infection.

Cold compress

Cold compress for Tooth Infection

Cold has the ability to constrict small blood vessels thereby reducing the flow of blood and consequently lessening the pain symptoms. You can use an ice pack just over the area on the cheek. Continuous application for some time will help in reducing the pain. It will reduce the swelling as well.

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Baking Soda

Baking soda is alkaline in nature and is used frequently to cleanse wounds. It can be used to sooth the gum too. Moreover, the alkalinity in baking soda has been found to be helpful in neutralizing the acidic environment inside the mouth. This may reduce the onslaught of bacterial infection and consequent pain.

So make a paste of baking soda in a few drops of water. Add some salt to it to make the paste antiseptic. Now apply the paste on the tooth close the swelling. Press the swelling hard so as to make it burst. If the abscess bursts the pain will almost vanish. Now clean the area with a solution of baking soda and salt. The discomfort will be almost gone.


tea bags

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Tea contains tannic acid which has been found to be useful in drawing out water from swellings and wounds. The best way to use tea is putting a wet tea bags inside your mouth just pressing against the affected area. After about 20 minutes change the bag and put another bag. After a few such attempts you will find that the pain has subsided.