7 Home Remedies For Flea Infestation

Flea Infestation In case of an outbreak of flea infestation, the obnoxious flea can pervade your living room, drawing room, carpet, tapestry, furniture, the coat of your pet and almost all conceivable places in and even around your house.

These small bloodsucking creatures can really drive you crazy, more so if any of you are allergic to these creatures. To prevent flea infestation the mantra is that as soon as you find even a single flea kill it because keeping it intact means letting it multiply by thousands and soon you will have to live outside the home because there will probably be no place for you at home.

Your home will be infested with flea. However, there are a lot of flea infestation home remedies which you can avail to cleanse the infestation of fleas. Let us discuss some of the flea infestation home remedies.

Flea Infestation Home Remedies

Keep Watch On Your Pet

If your pet is scratching its coat and losing hairs, beware it may be infested. Fleas will invade other areas of your home too. Before it is too late cleanse the coat of your pet with a vacuum cleaner or give it a soap bath and a good combing afterwards so that there is no remnant of flea on its coat.


Garlic is a strong pesticide and it has been used for centuries to keep homes free from pests. It can help you to deal with fleas too. It has been seen that fleas cannot tolerate the strong odor that emanates from garlic. Place chopped raw garlic in the corners of your house, on carpets and furniture.


Fleas will not get a safe haven in your home and will leave. Treat your pet too with some garlic. Add some garlic juice to its food once or twice a week. The strong odor of garlic will come out of the pores of the animal which the fleas are not able to hide.

Vacuum cleaner

The household vacuum cleaner is the best weapon in the fight against fleas. The rapid rate of breeding of fleas which can be as high as 50 eggs a day poses the toughest challenge in defeating this creature. Even if you clean most of the house some eggs may be lying unnoticed in some corner of the house.

These will multiply and pose new challenge to you. So the best method is to do away with the eggs and fleas altogether. A vacuum cleaner is a very good utility in this respect. Turn the vacuum cleaner on, direct it to every conceivable nook and corner of the house, and flush out fleas and eggs from furnitures, carpet, sofa set, rugs, edges of fixture, places under the bed, beds for the pet etc.

Regular house cleaning

Regular house cleaning

Even after two weeks of vacuum cleaning you may see some flea remaining. So to win the fight against fleas it is imperative that you go on fighting doggedly and keep up the cleaning so that the menace can be kept at bay.


If your house is prone to flea infestation you should have a bottle of insecticide handy so that you may use it when in urgent need. You should not use insecticide inside the house as a general rule, but flea infestation may not be limited to the four walls. It may be present in the yard also.


If your yard is infested and house is clean, it is only a matter of time before your home is infested too. So give a hard dose of insecticide to those blood sucking insects in the yard and treat them with vengeance so that they leave not only your house, but the entire area.

Cleaning liquid

Dish cleaning liquid is a chemical that works not only for oil and grease of the dish, but also for killing of fleas. Take some dishwashing liquid in a bowl and dissolve that in litters of water in a tub. When the liquid is totally dissolved and there is formation of froth, place the solution in a number of bowls and keep these in every nook and cranny of the house.

Putting a source of light above the bowls will attract the fleas. Once the fleas come over the dish washer liquid being attracted by the light they will be attracted by the liquid. The fleas will jump into the soapy water, they will be unable to breathe and will die of suffocation.

Essential oil

Essential oil

Essential oils like citronella, lemongrass etc have been found to repel the fleas. So spray these oils on furniture, fixtures, carpets and in all other conceivable place so that the fleas do not get a nesting place.