5 Natural Cures For Urinary Problems

Urinary ProblemsMany urinary problems like urinary incontinence are such that people do not want to talk about them. However, the fact is that a large number of people suffer from this problem and almost 75 to 80 percent of them are women.

As per the cause of the problem there are some drugs and surgeries that help in curing urinary incontinence, but natural cures for urinary problems like incontinence are the best option. There are some exercises, changes in lifestyle and even supplements that help treat the problem.

Natural Cures For Urinary Problems

Kegel Exercises

These exercises involve flexing the very muscles that are used to stop the flow of urine. It is one of the best remedies for urinary incontinence. These exercises are especially useful in the early stages of the problem and even after the pelvic floor has been repaired surgically to maintain the tone of the pelvic floor for a long time.

Kegel Exercises

You can consult a physical therapist to understand how to do kegel and how often. There may be an improvement after 6 to 12 weeks of practicing continuously and you will have to keep doing them to retain the benefit.

Magnesium Rich Foods

This mineral plays an important part in the proper functioning of nerves and muscles and it is also known to one of the effective natural cures for urinary problems like urinary incontinence.

Magnesium Food

According to some doctors, magnesium is effective in incontinence because it inhibits the spasms of the bladder muscles and allows complete emptying of the bladder. You should consume foods rich in magnesium like potatoes, corn and bananas. You can also opt for magnesium supplements under the guidance of a doctor.


This is a device shaped like a ring which can be inserted into the vagina in order to support and lift the vagina and bladder. This is particularly helpful in stress incontinence which is usually associated with exercise or coughing. Some vaginal devices support the neck of the bladder in the same way that a tampon can work.


Good local hygiene and sometimes a hormonal cream may be required to prevent irritation of the vaginal wall. These devices can stay in the same place for a week and many women take to using them indefinitely. These are great natural cures for urinary problems like incontinence.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Nicotine can cause irritation in the bladder increasing the problem with people suffering from incontinence. Smokers often suffer from chronic cough and this has been associated with the development of stress incontinence in the long run and also pelvic organ prolapsed. This is the reason that people suffering from urinary incontinence should completely stop smoking.


This is a Chinese therapy that uses fine needles to activate the energy meridians in the body. It aims at removing the imbalance of energy that causes illnesses by reestablishing a harmony of energy flow.


According to acupuncture therapists incontinence is not only caused by problems in the kidneys and bladder but also in the heart and lungs. Usually a combination of two or more systems not being in balance causes the problem. Acupuncture has proved to be one of the most effective natural cures for urinary problems like incontinence.