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5 Best Home Remedies For Freckles

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FrecklesFreckles are formed due to melanin pigmentation. These freckles are the dark spots that appear due to horrible sun light. The black spots or dots appear very near to each other and they spread widely on sun exposed area. Most of the people get these dark spots on their face which makes them to look ugly.

People having such dark spots, usually hesitate to walk out of their house or mingle in social groups because of the freckles. Such freckles are classified into two categories- simple and sun burn freckles. Simple freckles are not that dangerous than sun burn freckles.

To reduce or remove these freckles, some people undergo cosmetic surgeries, while others will go for laser treatment. Though both these treatments help in removing freckles, it costs much to cure such freckles. Instead, you can try some of the below mentioned home remedies to get rid of the freckles and get the beautiful natural skin that you had before.

Brilliant Home Remedies For Freckles

Cucumber Extract

Cucumber really works well in curing the freckles. The dark spots can be reduced by rubbing the chopped cucumber on the freckles, or by sticking the small pieces of cucumber or grated cucumber on the affected area.

 chopped cucumber

You can even grind the cucumber and apply the cucumber juice on these freckles that helps you to get rid of freckles with its cool feature. You can also mix these grated cucumber with curds and apply on freckles for fast recovery.

Orange Peel

Orange peel has great capacity to make the dark skin light. Hence, take out these orange peels, dry it under the hot sun, once peels get dry, put the peels to the mixer grinder and make the powder from these orange peels. You can use this powder of orange peels with cheese or curds and apply it on the area where you have got freckles.

Boiled Potato Skin

Boiled potato skin is very good in lightening the texture of the skin. You can rub your freckles with the boiled potato skin or you can even use the boiled potato water to wash the freckles. This will help to reduce the dark spots of freckles and get natural healthy skin as you had before.

Apply Honey


Honey is a good treatment for many diseases including freckles. Thus, there is absolutely no place for fear where there is honey; as honey has a great capacity to cure the dark spots formed due to the hot sun. You can add honey with lemon juice and apply this paste on the freckles to get rid of the freckles.

Ponds Moisturizer Treatment

Ponds Moisturizer treatment is the best treatment to lighten the dark spots of freckles. Apply the ponds moisturizer on the freckles at night before you go to bed. Else, you can use this moisturizer in the morning while having bath. Apply this moisturizer with a drop of water; wait for atleast 20 minutes on your face, and wash your face thoroughly with mild gentle soap. Follow this procedure regularly to cure freckles quickly.

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Rating: 3.0/5 (2 votes cast)